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Splash of Honey is a full service digital marketing, public relations, and branding business. With services that span across marketing, design, branding & communications, Splash of Honey transforms brands, along with sustaining diverse companies in various aspects of marketing.

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Research & Analytics

Email Campaigns


Content Creation

Strategic Planning

Every business needs marketing. Every industry, profession, specialist, product, brand, movie, music artist, etc. Marketing ensures that your audience is aware of what you have to offer them. Digital Marketing connects to your audience in a more proactive way than Traditional Marketing (which can be implemented by Splash of Honey as well!) by meeting them where they can be reached just about anywhere. Splash of Honey is a digital-forward business that gets your product to its respective audiences by modern means.

Public Relations

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Earned and Paid Media


Crisis Management

Product Launch/Events

No one should be telling your brand’s origin story like you. No one should be in control of your company’s narrative other than you. When you have a new product debuting, the public should hear it from your lips. Bottom line: Splash of Honey is here to convey your communications to the masses in the best forms for you. Even in the unfortunate circumstances of a crisis, we are on your side – provided that you are honest with us and aren’t coming to Splash of Honey as a last resort. Because timing is everything!


Development & Implementation

Brand Management

Corporate, Product, Personal Branding

After reading excerpts on public relations and digital marketing, it is time to know what needs to be marketed and put in the spotlight: your brand! Whether *you* are the brand, or your company, Splash of Honey can manage the task. And even if you have the idea that is needing to be brought to this dimension, Splash of Honey will work with you to develop, create, and implement your brand to the world. Remember, branding is more than just a logo. It is a dynamic identity with a story that is ready to be expressed.