About Us

from nectar to honey


Starting out as LPNE Photography in 2010, then LPNE Media in 2014 before becoming Equiferus Media in 2018.

Rooted in media services through a background in photography, self-taught graphic design & web development skills, and educated in communications. Finally getting the mold correct with the business that is now: Splash of Honey!


Twas making some tea one night when attempting sleep, but it was really bland. Thought to myself, “A splash of honey would make everything so much better.” And so it began.

After doing some restructuring, Splash of Honey became the integrated marketing solution that is of service for B2B and B2C clientele of various sizes and industries. Making everything sweeter.

Founder - Damian Redd


Our digital design services include advertising graphics, package design, 3D meshing, web design & development, plus more. UI/UX and motion graphics also fall under this offer, as well as selective a la carte print design options.


Creative marketing from Splash of Honey focuses on the services of: product photography, video marketing, advertising, analysis, and more to accommodate the needs of the products and brands. Our means of creative marketing is more of show ÷ tell = results^satisfaction. More actions equal more results.


Public Relations can typically be part of the marketing process, but we like to give PR more attention with particular services. Crisis management, media relations, and business strategy can be performed outside of the marketing field or meshed together depending on the client’s or product’s needs. Press releases and blog/article writing and submissions are also offered to further results.


Splash of Honey’s branding service is more than just logo creation. The business identity, color schemes, mood, strategy, and even an overhaul are provided for effective branding growth. Industry specific and honest to your company’s intentions.

Your Goals. Our Mission.

We Believe In Working Smart For Results

Whether your brand needs to be in the faces of its audience(s), your corporation is in hot water over a manager’s public mistakes, or you need advertising to grow clientele or event notice, all that is needed is a Splash of Honey to enhance the many recipes of success.

Splash of Honey offers an integrated marketing & public relations solution for clients, by providing clean digital design, essential creative marketing, and intelligent public relations. Our vision is helping our client’s business growth smoother and success sweeter. With originality, ingenuity, and imagination, Splash of Honey prides itself on providing high quality and results-driven service.